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Let's examine how ice dams form, prevention, and what you can do about it.

Roof snow melting systems ⤵︎

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Ice dams form when warm air melts snow on the roof which then re-freezes near cold gutters forming a dam. The trapped water seeps under shingles and into your house damaging ceilings and walls, and causes peeling paint and rot.

Ice Dam Prevention Heat Cables

There are a few things you can do to prevent ice dams in the Boise Meridian area.

  1. Keep your attic cool. Add more insulation and add more ventilation to let the warm air out. PRO TIP: blow your soffit vents out with a shop-vac or leaf blower from the outside in.
  2. Clean your gutters. Even just a few leafs and debris that clog the downspout can backup the entire drainage system.  
  3. Safely remove icicles. Hot water or hair dryers can free ice-choked gutters and downspouts. Hire a professional with plastic shovels to remove the snow on your roof.
  4. Stop snow from accumulating on your roof. Install sheet metal over the shingles covering the overhang or eaves. The slick metal surface encourages ice and snow to slide off the roof.
  5. Melt snow & ice with heat cable.  Install an ice melt cable system of zig-zag roof melt wiring (see below). 

Who is at risk in Boise

You might be thinking- "Is this really a problem in the Boise area?" Just ask the thousands of residents who lived thru Snowmageddon or others dubbed it Snowpocalypse.

Winter 2016-2017 was the sixth snowiest on record for Boise, and the snowiest winter since 1985-1986. That brutal winter brought nearly 40 Inches of snow, and long stretches of sub-zero temperatures.

And in February 2019 McCall had 55 inches of snow on the ground, even more than Snowpocalypse!

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Roof Snow Melt Systems

Be safe and have us install a self-regulating heat tape which prevents icicles and ice dams from forming in the first place. By automatically adjusting its power output to accommodate any changes in outside air temperature, the roof dam heat cable delivers the exact amount of heat required to prevent ice and ice damage.

The risk is you dont know you need ice dam prevention UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!

We use a 120 V and 240 V roof heating system, depending on your needs. With our advanced heat tape when the temperature drops, the polymer increases conductivity which produces heat. As the temperature rises, the polymer decreases conductivity and less heat is generated. 

 The roof snow melt system is economical, highly durable and well tested in our Treasure Valley climate.

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