Do's & Don't of Hiring A Gutter Installation Company

how to hire a gutter company

Your home is the largest purchase and greatest asset you will ever have. Please follow these tips on how to hire a gutter contractor for your house or business.

Hello, I am Jeremy Nolting, owner of Advanced Gutter Solutions. I know the ins & outs about unscrupulous contractors, and have become one of the most trusted gutter companies in Idaho with over 25 years experience.


Best Tips On Choosing A Gutter Contractor

DON'T rely soley on online reviews

Online ratings can be convenient, but they're not always truthful or impartial. For example, contractors on Angie's List who buy advertising get increased exposure. For the website Porch, reviews are actually selected by the professionals themselves. (That's why these tips on tips on how to hire a gutter company are so important.

And guess what? People lie. Even reviews on Yelp or Google can be from family and friends!

What To Do: Before you hire, ask the installer for 3 references– more specifically, referrals from the last 3 jobs he just completed! Call the customers ask them what they liked and didn't liked.

DO use word of mouth

It's a great way to find reputable pros. Try to inspect past projects in person to see the quality. Also check the Better Business Bureau and the Idaho Attorney General's office for complaints before making your pick.

DON'T fall for the lowball pricing.

Even if he's not playing fast and loose, a contractor who underestimates costs will have to make up the difference elsewhere, maybe on cheaper materials you did not agree to. Learn more about gutter costs.

DO shop around

Talk to multiple companies to determine the going rate for your new raingutters. Doing this will also help you find pros with whom you'll have good rapport and communication.

DO find out who will be on your property

The guy coming to give you the estimate, might NOT be the same person who does the work.  Make sure the subcontractors have current insurance coverage and licenses, too, if required.

Find out exactly who will be at your home and in your backyard.

PLEASE NOTE: Usually you DO NOT need to be home during the installation. The gutter guy only needs access to your property. 

DON'T allow for so called "allowances"

Those are open ended amounts in the contract that could end up blowing the budget. Once the work is under way, stick to the terms.

DO get everything in writing

The agreement should include a complete description of the project, all associated costs, and a target completion date.

NOTE: Most gutter installations can be installed in hours or a single day for bigger projects.   

DON'T apply for your own permits

That is the job of the gutter company. If they ask you, it could be a sign that they are in poor standing with the local building department.

DO check the paperwork

That includes up-to-date license and insurance and workers compensation policies.

DON'T pay cash

That is a common tactic used by fraudulent contractors, who take the money and run. A reputable pro will accept a check made out to his company or a credit card.

DONT pay anything until the job is done

It's NOT common to put a deposit down on a simple $1500 residential installation.  

However, you may have to pay a 25% deposit on initial delivery of specialized materials or a custom design. Make the final payment only when you're fully satisfied with the work.

Asking for ANY money upfront is a sign of a cash-strapped business. Don't do it.

When The Hiring Goes Bad

If you have a problem with hiring then wanting to fire the gutter company, first try to resolve it with the contractor. Many disputes can be resolved at this level. Follow any phone conversations with a letter you send by certified mail. Request a return receipt. That’s your proof that the company received your letter. Keep a copy for your files.

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